MKS® Lumbo plus

Spinal Orthosis

MKS® Lumbo plus
MKS® Lumbo plus
T3 - L5


  • Severe lower back pain
  • Severe lumbar sciatica
  • Lumbar sciatica
  • Spondylolithesis
  • Facet syndrome
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Stable vertebral body fractures
  • Scheuermann’s disease
  • Tumor
  • Spondylitis
  • Degenerative changes in the lumbar spine
  • Abdominal and lumbar muscle insufficiency


  • Semi-elastic bandaging material
  • Lateral reinforcing stays
  • Firm abdominal piece with hook and loop fastener
  • Circumference and shape can be adjusted
  • Modular frame structure with thorax and pelvic support
  • Individual strap course
  • Reclination straps

Mode of Operation

The MKS® Lumbo plus functions according to the 3-Point-Principle.
The wide lumbar bandage with the additional tensioning straps and the modular frame structure straightens and hence relieves the lumbar vertebral column.
The adjustable circumference and outline the bandage can be fitted for different body shapes.
The reclination straps are attached to the lumbar bandage through additional lateral straps.
Hereby rotation is limited and stabilisation is ensured.

Size chart and article numbers

Name Body circumference Abdominal height 18 cm / Height of back piece 53 - 58 cm Abdominal height 18 cm / Height of back piece 59 - 65 cm Abdominal height 18 cm / Height of back piece 66 - 72 cm
    Article No. Article No. Article No.
Standard 70 cm - 95 cm 786C-1 786A-1 786B-1
Extra 95 cm - 125 cm 786C-2 786A-2 786B-2

Optional Dorsal rods (46 cm) - Art.-No.: 221-026-S (for height of back piece 48-52 cm)

Modules for the modular assembly - MKS® Lumbo plus
      Included as standard in the products
581-063-S MKS® Body belt
Vario Standard
70 – 95 cm

581-064-S MKS® Body belt
Vario Extra
95 – 125 cm

221-008-S MKS® Reclination rod Set
51 cm


221-009-S MKS® Reclination rod Set
58 cm


221-010-S MKS® Reclination rod Set
65 cm


422-014-S MKS® Thoracic brace 45 cm

422-015-S MKS® Pelvic brace 45 cm

422-012-S MKS® Thoracic brace 60 cm      

422-013-S MKS® Pelvic brace 60 cm      

422-010-S MKS® Lumbo Shoulder plate

786-gt MKS® Lumbo plus
Reclination strap Set

422-016-S MKS® Lumbo
Back cover Height 1


422-017-S MKS® Lumbo
Back cover Height 2


761-001-S MKS® Strap loop