MKS Lumbago Vario

Lumbar Bandage with silicone pad stimulating blood circulation

MKS® Lumbago Vario
MKS® Lumbago Vario
L1 - L5


  • Severe lower back pain
  • Severe lumbago
  • Relapsing lumbago
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Spondylolysis without displacement of vertebrae
  • Mild lumbar deformity (with displacement of vertebrae)
  • Sacroilliac joint irritation
  • Lumbar muscle insufficiency


  • Semi-elastic bandaging material
  • Lateral reinforcing stays
  • Firm abdominal piece with hook and loop fastener
  • Back pocket suitable for silicone pad stimulating blood circulation or MKS® Osteo back plate
  • Circumference and shape can be adjusted
  • Silicone pad stimulating blood circulation

Mode of Operation

NoppenpelotteThrough building up circular pressure the lumbar vertebral column is supported.

The firm fastener element provides the necessary abdominal pressure which can be enhanced through the additional tensioning straps.

The inserted silicone pad in the integrated back pocket stimulates blood circulation.


The MKS Lumbago Vario® consits of two side pieces (1) and (2), the middle piece (3) and the textile cover (4).

The MKS® Lumbago Vario can be adjusted for different circumferences and shapes to accommodate various physiques.

Size chart and article numbers

Version Body circumference Abdominal height Height of back piece Article No.
Standard 70 cm - 95 cm 18 cm 25 cm 581-069-S
Extra 95 cm - 125 cm 18 cm 25 cm 581-070-S