MKS® Thorecta


MKS® Thorecta
MKS® Thorecta
T9 - L5


  • Stable vertebral body fractures
  • Scheuermann's disease
  • Postsurgical stabilisation
  • Tumor
  • Spondylitis


  • Adjustable, stable aluminium profiles
  • Padded pelottes
  • Individual strap course
  • Compression padding for the waist
  • Additional firm thorax support
  • Clip fastener for easy handling

Optionally, a gluteal brace can be used for further limitation of the lateral flexion.

Mode of Operation

The MKS® Thorecta functions according to the 3-Point-Principle.
Front- and back piece straighten and hence relieve the vertebral column.
The wide thorax support limits the lateral flexion of the spine to further immobilize and relieve the vertebral column.
Focused compression between iliac crest and thorax relieves the lumbar vertebral column further.

Size chart and article numbers

Size Body cricumference Height of front piece Height of back piece Article No.
S 70 - 125 cm 40 - 47 cm 33 - 38 cm 731C
M 70 - 125 cm 48 - 53 cm 33 - 38 cm 731A
L 70 - 125 cm 54 - 59 cm 40 - 45 cm 731B

Optional Front rod 32 cm - Art.-No.: 221-014-S (for chest height 35-40 cm)

Modules for the modular assembly - MKS® Thorecta

Included as standard in the products

221-015-S MKS® Front rod 38 cm



221-016-S MKS® Front rod 44 cm



221-017-S MKS® Front rod 50 cm



221-006-S MKS® Dorsal rod Set 32 cm


221-007-S MKS® Dorsal rod Set 39 cm



761-041-S MKS® Sternal pad

761-042-S MKS® Abdominal pad

761-043-S MKS® Symphyseal pad

761-047-S MKS® Thoracic support

761-046-S MKS® Pelvic fastener element

761-044-S MKS® End plate large      

761-045-S MKS® End plate small


451-001-S MKS® Double strap loop

731-gt MKS® Thorecta Strap Set

771-mp01 MKS® Gluteal brace (optional)