Coniungi Connection Unit

Coniungi Connection Unit for quick connection or disconnection of two components without tools.

Disconnect Coniungi
Press the locking bolt on the Coniungi and at the same time pull the orthoses apart.

Reconnect Coniungi
Be aware of the pieces alignment. Slide the two orthoses together until you hear a click, which shows that the Coniungi are locked together.

Coniungi connection support

There is the option of ordering a connection support with the Coniungi that will make working with the Coniungi connector unit easier.

The Coniungi connector unit is mounted onto the support with screws and delivered assembled.

Once the support is in place, the support can be separated in the middle, enabling the Coniungi connector unit to function.

Size chart and article numbers

Coniungi Connection Unit Art.-No.
Connection unit Coniungi 16 mm 814-100-S
Connection unit Coniungi 24 mm 814-120-S
Connection support Coniungi 16 mm 814-200-S
Connection support Coniungi 24 mm 814-220-S