Arm sling

Shoulder brace for immobilisation in defi ned position

Arm sling


  • präoperative
  • postoperative
  • posttraumatic
  • subcapital fracture of the humerus when adequate fi xation with strapping is not possible.


  • Partially elastic bandage material
  • Individually adjustable strap

Mode of operation

Brace for immobilisation of the shoulder in defi ned position.

Shoulder immobilisation braces are made of strong textile support material, with Velcro fasteners. An appropriate strap restricts shoulder mobility in a defi ned position or immobilises the shoulder.

Size chart and article numbers

Size Lenght of Arm sling Art.-No.
S 38 cm 37-6000
M 44 cm 37-6001
L 50 cm 37-6002