CDS® Ankle Brace Neuro

Dynamic spring-loaded ankle orthosis

Dynamic spring-loaded ankle orthosis according to the CDS®-principle
CDS® Ankle Brace Neuro
Setting the rotation on the foot part  to 0°, 15° or 30°.
It is possible to set the angle of rotation to 0°, 15° or 30°.
Safe fixation through vacuum pillow
Adjusting the vacuum foot rest


  • Joint contractures:
    - After strokes
    - After spinal cord injuries
    - Paralysis (discrete palsy of peripheral origin)
    - After cranio-cerebral trauma (CCT)


  • Therapy in dorsalextension
  • Small hinge with established features:
    - Individual adjustment of the spring tension
    - Spring tension can be switched on and off without tools and without varying the set spring tension
    - Infinitely variable adjustment of the redression range in dorsalflexion
  • Full faced and saved fi xation through vacuum pillow
    - Individuel adjustable foot beding
    - Adjustable pronation and supination
    - Adjustable rotation
    - Inclusive Vacuumpump
  • Optimized shell - and strapsystem:
    - High wearing comfort thanks to airpermeable, light aluminium shell elements
    - High flexibility thanks to adjustable shell elements

Mode of operation

The CDS® Ankle Brace Neuro functions according to the CDS®-principle and has been designed to treat an extension deficit of the ankle. The brace applies a dynamic low load prolonged stretch to stimulate growth in the contracted tissue. The adjustable redression range protects the tissue from painful overstretching.


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  • US 5,954,677
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  • further patents pending

Size chart and article numbers

Name Length of lower leg shell Circumference of calf EU- shoe size Sole Length Art.-No. left/right
Ankle Brace Neuro L/L 36 - 38,5 cm 32 - 47 cm 44 - 47 32 cm 922LL
Ankle Neuro L/M 36 - 38,5 cm 32 - 47 cm 37 - 43 28,5 cm 922LM

Modules for the modular assembly

Shell set lower leg ankle Art.-No. left Art.-No. right
Shell set lower leg ankle L
Length: 36 - 38,5 cm / Circumference: 32 - 47 cm
825L-L 825L-R
Hinge set Art.-No.
Hinge set CDS Ankle Extension L 870-160
Foot piece Art.-No.
Foot piece Neuro LN
EU- shoe size: 44 - 47 Sole Length: 32 cm
Foot piece Neuro MN
EU- shoe size: 37 - 43 Sole Length: 28,5 cm