Combination Brace CDS® Knee / Ankle

Dynamic spring-loaded Knee / ankle orthosis

CDS Combination Brace Coniungi
CDS Combination Brace Coniungi


The CDS® Combination Brace now feature Coniungi.
Coniungi (lat. to join) offers the option to take apart elements of the brace and reconnect them at a later point. Therefore the CDS® therapy can be focused on one joint temporarily.
For example, the thigh element may be removed during transportation, while therapy in the ankle joint can still take place. Likewise the foot element may be removed to focus therapy on the knee joint.
The CDS® Combination Brace is made up of three elements – thigh element, calf element and foot element.
The CDS® Combination Brace can be adjusted in lenght to ensure the pivotal points of the brace are optimally aligned with the joints. We are happy to adjust the length according to your specifications prior to shipping.


  • Therapy in extension (Knee Brace)
  • Therapy in dorsal extension (Ankle Brace)
  • Individual adjustment of the spring tension
  • Spring tension can be switched on and off without tools and without varying the set spring tension
  • Optimized shell- and strapsystem
  • High wearing comfort thanks to air-permeable, light aluminium shell element
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the redression range between -15° bis +30°
  • Fast disconnection and reconnection of the elements
  • Variable length between pivotal points


Mode of operation

The Combination Brace CDS® Knee / Ankle functions according to the CDS®-principle and has been designed to treat an extension deficit of the knee and a dorsalflexion deficit of the ankle. The brace applies a dynamic low load prolonged stretch to stimulate growth in the contracted tissue. The adjustable redression range protects the tissue from painful overstretching and allows for individual extension until -15°.


Article numbers

Name Art.-No.
CDS® Knee/Ankle brace Coniungi 980C-L 980C-R