Continuous Innovation in medical technology

Our development team continuously seeks new solutions for orthopaedic challenges. Feedback from our customers and input from medical experts are an incremental part of continuous innovation. Our focus is the optimal treatment of individuals through the cooperation of doctors, therapists, technicians and our team at albrecht. In this section you can find success stories as well as product and company related news - see what is possible.  

Success stories - CDS treatment for neuro orthopaedics

Patient N, 40, sustained infantile brain damage due to a lack of oxygen at birth. He suffers from severe spastic contractures which have been treated with static braces. As an alternative treatment the patient was fitted with four CDS® braces, two CDS® elbow braces and two CDS® knee braces. Within three months of treatement the ROM of his knee joint has increased from 30° to 58°.

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