Continuous Innovation in medical technology

Our development team continuously seeks new solutions for orthopaedic challenges. Feedback from our customers and input from medical experts are an incremental part of continuous innovation. Our focus is the optimal treatment of individuals through the cooperation of doctors, therapists, technicians and our team at albrecht. In this section you can find success stories as well as product and company related news - see what is possible.  

Product development

Product development

 Hallux valgus refers to a defective position oft he big toe and is often associated with severe pain.

Due to a passion for high heels and a genetic predesposition, the Albrecht ladies suffer from Hallux valgus.

To alleviate the pain, it was considered how the dynamic spring mechanism used in the CDS® products could be applied to the big toe. Initial ideas were based on a mouse trap.

Step by step the product was tested and refined until the halluxsan® was perfected.

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