Continuous Innovation in medical technology

Our development team continuously seeks new solutions for orthopaedic challenges. Feedback from our customers and input from medical experts are an incremental part of continuous innovation. Our focus is the optimal treatment of individuals through the cooperation of doctors, therapists, technicians and our team at albrecht. In this section you can find success stories as well as product and company related news - see what is possible.  

CDS system hinges

Dynamic contracture treatment for custom-made braces

The albrecht CDS® range for the dynamic treatment of contractures also includes system hinges for custom-made braces. Contractures are the shortening of soft tissue around joints and inhibit the full physiological range of motion. Causes range from immobilisation and inactivity following trauma and surgery to neurological indications and tissue damage caused by severe burns.

The spring-based technology of the albrecht CDS® series enables the controlled stretching of contracted tissue without the risk of a painful and contraproductive over-stretching. The patient is not fixed rigidly as would be the case with static braces and casts, but can move while wearing the brace. Further contractures are thus prevented and blood circulation to the contracted tissue is encouraged.

The range of system hinges completes the albrecht CDS® portfolio.

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