Continuous Innovation in medical technology

Our development team continuously seeks new solutions for orthopaedic challenges. Feedback from our customers and input from medical experts are an incremental part of continuous innovation. Our focus is the optimal treatment of individuals through the cooperation of doctors, therapists, technicians and our team at albrecht. In this section you can find success stories as well as product and company related news - see what is possible.  

Burn Rehabilitation

Improved emergency services and burn units have made the survival of patients with severe burn trauma possible. After the initial stabilisation, patients are faced with along and difficult rehabilitation. One key challenges of the rehabilitation process is regaining independence through mobility. Strongly contracted scar tissue needs to be stretched to mobilise the joints. This involves the work of skilled medical staff as well as technical aids. Therapy with the albrecht CDS® series has proven valuable in contracture treatment following tissue damage. The patented spring-based technology applies a continuous dynamic stretch to the contracted tissue without the danger of painful over-stretching. Mobility gains are stabilised and progressed to support the patient in their rehabilitation.

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