Continuous Innovation in medical technology

Our development team continuously seeks new solutions for orthopaedic challenges. Feedback from our customers and input from medical experts are an incremental part of continuous innovation. Our focus is the optimal treatment of individuals through the cooperation of doctors, therapists, technicians and our team at albrecht. In this section you can find success stories as well as product and company related news - see what is possible.  

albrecht Jack PCL new generation

PCL - the challenge

PCL tears were traditionally treated with reconstructive surgery. Surgeons observed elongations of the PCL of up to 50% following surgery, which resulted in knee instability. The root cause identified was gravity, pulling the tibia into a posterior drawer position.

albrecht Jack PCL - the solution

In the 90s Prof. Jakob, one of the foremost experts in the field of knee orthopaedics, ventured to develop a mechanical device for PCL rehabilitation. The Jack PCL allows for early functional rehabilitaiton without endangering knee stability.

New Generation - proven functionality, new design 

Celebrating 15 years of successful post-surgical and conservative PCL rehabilitation, a new generation of the albrecht Jack PCL is launched. Smaller hinges, slimer aesthetiques, an extended sizing system and further optimisations await starting March 2017.

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