Medical care in times of the corona pandemic

We believe the compliance with social distancing is still necessary to keep the risk of infection as low as possible.

It is extremely challenging to implement this in the medical field.

Even in orthopaedic technology, technicians are faced with the challenge of ensuring care without exposing themselves and the patient to any risk.


Additional support with care

In keeping with our value of customer focus, we believe in close cooperation with customers for optimal care. This applies consultancy services to the customer as well as further support.

We have created a number of instructional videos to support excellent patient care and relieve the technician.


albrecht YouTube channel

We do not want to question the conventional process of care with our video or to question the traditional craft of orthopaedic technology.

We would rather like to offer a supplement that protects both patient and technician.

Our YouTube channel is in constant progress.

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