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Hallux Valgus Brace

Pure luxury for feet with painful bunions

Women who wear high heels are familiar with the phenomenon: in hallux valgus, popularly known as „bunion“, the big toe is angled towards the second toe. The ball of the big toe projects on the inside of the foot and can become very painful.

The practical halluxsan® foot splint provides a remedy. We have developed it especially to relieve hallux valgus symptoms. It relieves pain and is used both for prevention and during the healing period after an operation.

Sparkling Diamond Edition

Gold with gold stripe
Silver with silver stripe
Emerald Green
Sapphire Blue
Magic Pink
Frost White
Ruby Red

Limited Edition – adorned with SWAROVSKI© crystals

Golden Power
Sparkling Diamond Gold with „Power and Strength“ in 24 carat gold leaf Arabic lettering
Ruby Flower
Sparkling Diamond Ruby Red with SWAROVSKI© crystal flower
Emerald Glitter
Sparkling Diamond Emerald Green with SWAROVSKI© crystal band
Sapphire Delight
Sparkling Diamond Sapphire Blue with SWAROVSKI© crystal ornament
Sparkling Pink
Sparkling Diamond Magic Pink with SWAROVSKI© crystal arc
Shining Moonlight
Sparkling Diamond Frost White with SWAROVSKI© crystals

How does the halluxsan foot splint work?

The individually adjustable spring joint of the halluxsan® foot splint corrects the position of your big toe. Sustained elastic traction stimulates stretching of the shortened tissue and at the same time harmful and painful overstretching is avoided. In this way, pain ceases.

Wear the halluxsan® foot splint for a few hours daily without shoes and also at night, if possible.

• without surgery (conservative)
• before an operation
• after an operation

halluxsan – there‘s no greater premium for your feet

Choose your halluxsan® foot splint from a range of fashionable colors and designs to match your lifestyle. We have designed the Halluxsan Limited Edition with great attention to detail and adorned them with beautiful SWAROWSKI© crystal motifs.

Don‘t hesitate.

Even if a passion for beautiful shoes can have a downside. For symptoms due to hallux valgus the innovative halluxsan® foot splint relieves pain immediately and provides sustained therapy. Even better: with halluxsan® ensure that it never gets that far.


  • Conservative treatment of moderate cases of hallux valgus as well as preventive treatment
  • Pre-surgical treatment in order to prepare the soft tissue for surgery
  • Post-surgical treatment in order to stabilize the surgery result
  • Contraindications: The brace must not be worn in cases of tissue problems, wound healing deficit, vascular disorders (diabetes) and infections.


  • Therapy in the physiological position of the big toe
  • Pain reduction
  • Individual adjustment of the tension spring without tools
  • Individual adjustment of the straps
  • Easy handling and high wearing comfort
  • Available in four colours

Optionally available with a sock.

Mode of Operation

The halluxsan® functions according to the CDS®-principle and has been designed to treat hallux valgus (bunion). The brace applies a dynamic low load prolonged stretch to stimulate growth in the contracted tissue and reduce pain. The adjustable redression range protects the tissue of painful overstretching.


  • DE 10 2008 049 854

Size chart and article numbers - Sparkling Diamond Edition

Article No. left foot Article No. right foot Colours
L940A-L L940A-R Gold with gold stripe
L940A-L L940A-R Silver with silver stripe
L940A-L L940A-R Gold
L940A-L L940A-R Silver
L940A-L L940A-R Emerald Green
L940A-L L940A-R Saphire Blue
L940A-L L940A-R Magic Pink
L940A-L L940A-R Frost White
L940A-L L940A-R Ruby Red

Größentabelle und Artikelnummernübersicht - Limited Edition

Article No. left foot Article No. right foot Colours
L940A-L L940A-R Golden Power
L940A-L L940A-R Ruby Flower
L940A-L L940A-R Emerald Glitter
L940A-L L940A-R Saphire Delight
L940A-L L940A-R Sparkling Pink
L940A-L L940A-R Shining Moonlight
Coordinating toe socks with SWAROVSKI© crystals

Optionally available in pairs: suitable socks in black with SWAROVSKI© crystals

EU - shoe size Article No. Sock for right/left foot
35-38 L70001
39-42 L70002
43-46 L70003