CDS Kneebrace Flexion Bambini

Dynamic spring-loaded knee orthosis

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CDS® Knee Brace Flexion Bambini


  • Joint contracture:
    - After surgery
    - After conservative treatment of capsular ligament injuries
    - Before and after joint replacement
    - In arthrosis and chronic polyarthritis
    - After burns
    - After spinal cord injuries - Paralysis (discrete palsy of peripheral origin)
    - After cranio-cerebral trauma (CCT)
  • To prevent new contractures after arthrolysis
  • Conservative and postoperative indications, where active flexion of the knee is contraindicated


  • Therapy in flexion
  • Individual adjustment of the spring tension
  • Spring tension can be switched on and off without tools and without varying the set spring tension
  • Optimized shell- and strapsystem
  • High wearing comfort thanks to air- permeable, light aluminium shell elements
  • High flexibility thanks to adjustable shell elements
  • Adjustment of the redression range in 10° steps

Mode of Operation

Die CDS® Knee Brace Flexion functions according to the CDS®-principle and has been designed to treat a flexion deficit of the knee. The brace applies a dynamic low load prolonged stretch to stimulate growth in the contracted tissue. The adjustable redression range protects the tissue from painful overstretching.


  • EP 0 841 044
  • US 5,954,677
  • further patents pending