Elbo-track Junior

Functional elbow orthosis with ROM limitation


Elbo-track Junior


  • Slight to moderate instability of the elbow joint
  • Post-traumatic or post-surgical immobilisation
  • Post traumatic or post-surgical controlled movement of the elbow joint


  • Anatomically formed hinge rods and shells
  • Individually adjustable straps
  • Easy handling and high wearingcomfort
  • Extension limit can be adjusted in 15° intervals from 0° until 135°
  • Flexion limit can be adjusted in 15° intervals from 0° until 120°
  • Immobilisation of the brace can be adjusted in 15°intervals between 0° and 135°
  • Assembly of an adjustable handle possible for sizes L/L and M/M

Optionaly with carrying strap

Mode of Operation

The Elbo-track orthosis stabilises and relieves the ligamentous apparatus following ligament injuries during conservative and post-operative rehabilitation. Straps and shells may be adjusted individually for high wearing comfort. The continuously variable extension limit between 0° and 135° allows for individual terminal extension.


  • US 6,375,632
  • EP 0 956 837