talupro Ankle Brace

Ankle orthosis for stabilisation in one plane, adjustable through pronation strap



  • Postsurgical protection after ligament repair/reconstruction
  • Conservative therapy of ankle joint distortions of all degrees of severity
  • Functional therapy of ligament rupture
  • Ligament injuries of the ankle joint
  • Severe ankle joint distorsion with loosened joint
  • Conservative or functional follow-up treatment of ankle joint fractures and ligament ruptures


  • Anatomically shaped shells
  • Air chambers made out of skin-friendly polyurethane sheeting
  • Air chambers’ inner core made out of PU foam filling
  • PVC-free and free of plasticizers
  • Available in white and black
  • Pronation strap is easily removable

Mode of Operation

The talupro® provides medial and lateral support to the ankle joint while allowing a great degree of flexion and extension. This allows for a normal motion sequence. The air chambers cushion the supports to prevent unpleasant pressure. Stronger padding at both ankles provides higher pressure at the bottom third of the supporting area. The applied pressure decreases from the  bottom towards the top, helping to reduce swellings more rapidly.
The pronation strap provides additional stability to the forefoot. The pronation strap can be removed. The pronation strap consist of different firm and semi-elastic materials. The inelastic materials have a supporting and fixating effect. The pronation strap is wrapped around the foot according to the principles of tapping in order to counteract supination and talus prolapse/forward movement of the talus.

Size chart and article numbers

talupro - white

Size Body height Article No. left Article No. right
medium to 163 cm 610M-L 610M-R
large from 163 cm 610L-L 610L-R

talupro - black

Size Body height Article No. left Article No. right
medium to 163 cm 610MS-L 610MS-R
large from 163 cm 610LS-L 610LS-R