CDS Elbow Brace Duo

Dynamic spring-loaded elbow orthosis

CDS® Elbow Brace Duo


  • Joint contractures:

- After surgery
– After conservative treatment of capsular ligament injuries
– In arthrosis and chronic polyarthritis
– After burns
– After strokes
– After spinal cord injuries
– After cranio-cerebral trauma (CCT)

  • To prevent new contractures after arthrolysis
  • Treatment after biceps tendon rupture


  • Therapy in flexion and extension possible
  • Individual adjustment of the tension spring without tools
  • Limits for flexion and extension continuously adjustable
  • Limit for extension can be set as far as -10°
  • Immobilisation function between -10° and +150°
  • Individual adjustment of shells and straps
  • Easy handling and high wearing comfort
  • Change-over point can be set between +46° and +92°

Mode of Operation

The CDS® Elbow Duo functions according to the CDS®-principle and has been designed for the simultaneous treatment of extension and flexion deficits of the elbow. The brace applies a dynamic low load prolonged stretch to stimulate growth in the contracted tissue. The adjustable redression range protects the tissue from overstretching and allows for individual terminal extension until -10°.


  • DE 199 04 554
  • EP 1 482 881
  • US 7,083,583

Size chart and article numbers

Name Length of forearm Length of lower arm Circumference forearm Circumference lower arm Article No. left Article No. right
Without handle 18 - 22 cm 23 cm 28 - 39 cm 22 - 30 cm 905LL-L 905LL-R
With rotatable handle 18 - 22 cm 23 cm 28 - 39 cm 22 - 30 cm 9051LL-L 9051LL-R
Name Article No. left Article No. right
Rotatable handle 993A-HL 993A-HR