Sustainable corporate policy

To remain future-proof albrecht practices ecological as well as social responsibility.
Our production is energy efficient and we aim towards a reduction of waste products both in the production as well as with regards to our packaging.
Our value chain includes charitable institutions such as the Caritas. 

Sustainable packaging

Cushions filled with recycling paper
Our cushions are 100% filled with recycling paper.
Cardboard packaging
Our system hinges are now packaged in recycled cardboard.
Recycled foil
Alternatively we can package your hinges in recycled foil. We also used recycled foil for our MKS products.

Sustainability in different areas

Shuttle service 
Since the move to our new facilities near lake Chiemsee, we have started a shuttle service for our employees.
We thus aim to reduce our ecological footprint.
Shining example
Our company’s cafeteria features PET lamps, a project by the artist Alvaro Catalan de Ocon. The lamps are made of PET bottles that are manufactured into lamp shades using traditional weaving techniques.
This emphasises the fundamental contradiction behind PET bottles – a product with a very short lifespan that takes decades to decompose – as well as supports traditional craftsmanship.